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Polished Concrete Adelaide

Thinking about your home’s next project? Or upgrading floors in general? Whether it is your home or business, we have concrete specialists in South Australia who can help you with your concrete needs with the range of services we offer.

We specialise in a variety of different types of concrete ranging from exposed aggregate concrete, colour concrete and polished concrete.

If you’re thinking about a Polished concrete floor, we invite you to find out the benefits of Polished concrete in the Adelaide area and why it’s a popular option for residential and commercial businesses alike!

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Concrete basics

Concrete is a mixture of water and Portland cement to create a hard and durable material. Cement is usually made from limestone or clay. There is a balance needed between the concrete being hard but also workable when laying it or curing it. Aggregates are added to enhance the volume of the concrete to be able to be easily shaped into its final form.

Normally, 60-80% of concrete is aggregate. Aggregates added to the concrete are usually sand and gravel. It is interesting to note that when it is just sand that is added alone it creates mortar. Aggregates are added to make the concrete easier to work with while still maintaining a hard and durable element.

Concrete is a popular choice for building or general surfaces because like wood it does not rot or burn. Concrete also doesn’t rust and is exceptionally durable.

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What is a polished concrete floor?

You can find polished concrete floors in many places. They are used in warehouse spaces, retail stores, schools, restaurants, and other commercial settings. Polished concrete floors are also popular with homeowners who want alternatives to carpets, and tiles and want a more modern aesthetic in their homes.

Polished concrete itself is concrete that has undergone a mechanical grounding process. A new slab of concrete can be poured and polished or an already existing surface can be ground and polished. Concrete surfaces that already exist can be resurfaced and polished to enhance any space.

That grounding process produces concrete with a smooth finish. And it can be used on many floors such as indoors, outdoor sidewalks, footpaths, and driveways.

The grinding and polishing process

You’re probably wondering what is involved in the grinding and polishing process and how long it would take. The time of the project will depend on the type of project and the desired surface. The process itself can be easy if done correctly and with proper concreters.

For our Adelaide concrete company, polishing process for concrete is like sanding wood. Specialty machines are used to ground an already existing surface. The machines use disks that are made from diamonds. The use of these machines requires experienced technicians. We highly recommend utilising a professional concrete specialist to assist with the polishing process.

You start by removing any old or current coating on the surface you want to polish. Any cracks that exist are sealed with epoxy or a filler.

Then the grinding process begins where the metal-bonded diamond will grind the surface.
A chemical penetrant sealer is also used to help harden and densify the concrete.
The surface is then mechanically polished with a resin-bond diamond.

Although there is no specific amount to which concrete is to be polished, it is normally recommended that disks with 1800-3500 grit diamonds are used. This ensures that the concrete will have a high gloss finish without the need for a coating.

The grinding and polishing process can be done a round of times depending on the result you want to achieve.
After polishing, a stain guard is worth applying to help guard the surface.

Once the new surface is produced, there is a range of decorative and creative elements and touches that can be added. You can decorate Polished Concrete floors with colour by various methods such as the use of a simple dye. You can also choose the pattern or texture of the floor. In Adelaide, polished Concrete can is versatile and can be worked with to achieve the appearance and aesthetic you are after.

Covering old floors

In some cases, old concrete floors may need new resurfacing or grinding in order to prepare them for a new layer or use. This can be done by pouring new concrete over existing slabs. Resurfacing and using the base of an old slab is a cost-effective and sustainable way to reinvigorate a surface.

However, it is best to seek professional help from a reliable concreter when laying a new concrete floor over an old one as if it is not done correctly, it may cause unwanted bonding between the old and new floor. Unwanted bonding can also cause cracks and unnecessary damage.

The best strategy is to grind and seal your old floor. This allows you to first remove the imperfections of the old layer. The grind and seal are a process where old concrete is ground back and then coated with a seal (normally epoxy or polyurethane). The process can differ from Polished Concrete as it may not employ the polishing process

What is the difference between Polished Concrete and Honed Concrete?

You may have heard the term honed concrete and are wondering what it means. Sometimes the term Honed Concrete is used alongside or interchangeably with Polished Concrete and may cause confusion as to what is what.

Honed Concrete refers to concrete that has been ground at various levels with diamond grit to achieve a degree of shine. “Honed” is the term referred to the grounding phase of concrete. Honing concrete also commonly occurs when trying to produce Polished Concrete. After the honing process, a sealant or coating is applied to protect the surface and to produce a matte-like finish.

Polished Concrete in Adelaide is honed during the grinding phase but it is different from Honed Concrete. Polished Concrete is normally considered a more premium concrete when compared to Honed Concrete.

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What is the difference between Polished Concrete and Epoxy flooring?

Polished Concrete floors and Epoxy flooring look very similar and are two of the most popular options for home and commercial environments. However, it is worth noting the different characteristics of each in order to best identify what surface you would like to use.

Epoxy is a layer or coating added to floors made from epoxy resin and hardener. The chemical reaction between the two creates a firm plastic material. The finished epoxy coating has a different texture to Polished Concrete and also a noticeably different appearance. If you are concerned about aesthetics, Epoxy flooring is also noticeably more reflective.

Epoxy is also less durable as it is a coating and can get damaged more easily. It will be vulnerable to sharp or heavy objects. Regardless, Epoxy flooring is still a hard-wearing and tough surface.

Epoxy takes less time to install, and is relatively cheaper than Polished Concrete. The time it takes to install and the cost will depend on the size and scope of the surface.

In terms of maintenance, Epoxy flooring is also easy to maintain and can be cleaned using an everyday brush and mop.

Advantages of polished concrete

Polished Concrete offers a range of benefits. It is worth knowing the advantages so that you can best choose a surface that is best for your project, business, or home.

Polished Concrete is:

  • Easy to clean. It can be cleaned with an everyday broom, pads, or a mop with most spills or dirt coming off easily.
  • Sustainable as it uses the underlying material that already exists.
  • Low maintenance as it can be easily cleaned with water and a neutral PH cleaner. There is never any need for wax.
  • Non-slippery. The floor is only slippery when wet but that is a characteristic of most floors.
    Highly dustproof which reduces the risk of dust mites and consequent allergen problems
  • Cost-effective. A Polished Concrete floor can be achieved at a relatively affordable price. Quotes will vary according to the size and scope of the project, but it is affordable in comparison to other surfaces of choice.
  • A modern aesthetic can be created by the ambient and reflective light of the polished floor. The smooth surface is also aesthetically appealing. More than ever, homeowners are utilising Polished Concrete for their living spaces such as kitchens because of the appeal of a modern, industrial and sleek aesthetic.
  • Durable and long-lasting. Polished concrete floors are hard to damage and can last for decades with the right protection and proper maintenance.
  • Highly resistant to water damage and less prone to mould.

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Disadvantages of Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is extremely versatile and can be used as the choice for most surfaces. However, there are circumstances where it might not be the most suitable.

Polished Concrete can be:

  • Slippery when wet. The sealer used for Polished Concrete can make the surface slippery when wet so it is best to avoid Polished Concrete where it will be exposed to water. It is not recommended for outdoor entertainment areas, surfaces around swimming pools and external walkways
  • A cold surface. Polished Concrete can also be cold so it may not be the best choice for homes with little light during the winter season
  • Hard for feet. The durable nature of Polished Concrete also means that it is hard for standing on for longer periods of time.
  • Non-sound-absorbing. Homeowners should also note that Polished Concrete may not absorb sound efficiently, so it is recommended that the surface be paired with rugs or drapes to help reduce noise
  • In need of occasional re-sealing. Although low maintenance it does not mean that any maintenance is never needed. It is recommended that the floor be re-sealed every couple of years to maintain the quality.

It is also worth noting that cracks can appear over time but like any surface, there will always be ageing but can be looked after with proper care and protection.

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Although no surface is without maintenance, Polished Concrete is easy to maintain. We would highly recommend learning the best practices for maintaining Polished Concrete so that it can last for years. With a maintenance plan and an occasional professional cleaning, the concrete can last up to years.

Daily cleaning

Polished Concrete floors can be maintained by daily cleaning. Regular removal of dirt and grime can help prevent it from building up. The cleaning can be done by using an everyday broom or cloth. We also recommend using a micro-fibre pad to remove any lingering dirt.

Spot Cleaning

Immediately Spot cleaning when a spill occurs is highly important so that those spills won’t stain or become absorbed over time. Spot cleaning is a good practice for restaurant kitchens or homes that choose to use Polished Concrete as their chosen surface for kitchens and where spills can occur often.


A wet mop to the surface is also highly recommended. Make sure to use a clean mop and clean water when mopping the floors to avoid the build-up of grime and bacteria.

Products to Avoid

Products and chemicals such as ammonia, bleach or vinegar are not recommended to clean the floors. Anything that is strong in acidity or pine-based cleaners should be avoided. It is also recommended that you apply a sealer (only every few years) to maintain the gloss.

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Next Steps

If you are thinking that Polished Concrete for your Adelaide property sounds like the ideal surface for whatever your needs, get in touch with us! Plan a consultation with us to talk about your needs and dreams for your home or business.

Having a plan and trusted specialists like us to help you will save you unnecessary drama and complications down the road.

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